Best 350w box mod vape cheap

350 watt box mod

Some call them face melting box mods and some say that an +200 watt box mod would be a revolutionary mod to produce a large amount of vapor. Many new brands are eager to introduce high-power box mods and 200W box are becoming normal nowadays. Let’s explore what are the benefits of using these mods over low wattage box mods.

How does a high-wattage box mod work with an ouput power of 350 watt ?

It is simply amazing to know that now there are compact devices, which can allow you to get enough power for producing face melting vapor. Some brands have introduced 350w box mods. Most of the vapers would say that I don’t need that much power, but they would also like to try high-wattage mods to know how it feels. Many high-wattage box mods use 4 high-amp 18650 batteries to meet the power output demands. These mods offer a separate platform to house all four high-power batteries. Of course, the size of a 350 watt box mod would be larger than other compact mods, but the wattage output would also range between 1W and 350W.

Why should you choose high-wattage 350w box mod ?

The high-wattage box mods are the latest box mods with cutting-edge technology. High wattage output range, improved design and size, more batteries and above 0.06ohm atomizer resistance, these are the features high-wattage box mods offer. Of course, you would like to try it to get 200°F to 600°F temperature from a high-power box mod.


Smok GX350 350w Tc box mod

smok gx350Smok is recognized and highly regarded throughout the vaping community for developing high-quality vaping box mod. Hot off of the success of its GX320, the Smok GX350 mod is the next big item manufactured by Smoktech. The Smoktech GX350 is a variable wattage APV efficient at 1-350w delivering temperature control. The 350 watt box mod can also works with atomizers all the way down to 0.06 ohms in TC mode and 0.1 ohms in Wattage Mode.

The Smok GX350 box mod uses two or four 18650 batteries featuring its 350 watt ability. The qualities on this Smok box mod were all developed with performance as the primary goal. This GX350 mod is the most affordable one so far and thus more than worth grabbing one at this fantastic selling price. The firmware could be improved by connecting the unit with a desktop computer through the USB port using a micro USB cable connection.

Smok GX350 Specs :

  • Price : $50.99,
  • Output wattage : 1 – 350 watt,
  • Output voltage : -,
  • Temperature control : 200 – 600°F,
  • Atomizer Ohm capability : 0.06 – 3 Ohm,
  • Battery : 4 x 18650,
  • Dimensions : 4.04 x 8.45 x 5.8 cm,
  • Weight : 330 grams,

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350 watt temperature control box mod

A high-wattage box mod would be a temperature control box mod, which would be equipped with a top-class temperature control system. Most of the high-wattage box mods offer temperature control support for the titanium, Ni200 and stainless steel heating elements. They comprise the latest chipset to improve the safety features and avoid accidents. So, you should invest in high-wattage box mods, if you are in mood of trying something powerful.

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