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Do you want to know my opinion about Fasttech ? it’s a website I use since many years. When I began in vaping, it was the first Chinese shop where I purchased some products (atomizers, box mods ..). In this Fasttech review, I’ll give you a vape coupon code and you will find all reasons (payment, delivery, returns) to shop your vape products or others items on this merchant.

So, Fasttech is a famous chinese online shop. They ship your package around the world for free. Vape coupons code are rarely mentioned on their website. You must search for an available promo code. It is tedious to find them. I’ve got one of them and I give you.

Fasttech 2016 review : About the Chinese web shop

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REVEAL COUPON is a website similar to many others web-merchants in the industry.  The shop is specialized in electronic products an obviously in vape products. Both clones or genuine products.

fasttechI discovered this website in 2011 when I was looking reviews on Youtube. All reviewers were talking about this low cost merchant. It was possible to find a lot of vape items with unbeatable prices. Both clones or authentics products.At this time, I began vaping and the electronic cigarette, and I wanted to find a way to get the lowest price. Although I must wait 2-3 weeks for delivery.

I wanted to save money while enjoying quality equipment.  Fasttech offered me these things. Clearly Fasttech sells clones, but the original products are sometimes cheaper than in the USA. Why not enjoy it ?

Fasttech website review

FastTech is not a market place as AliExpress or Amazon. There are no third-party vendors who come to offer & sell their own products. Fasttech sells directly items referenced on its website. Special agreements are made with local Chinese suppliers. The quality is checked by their team of experts. You don’t take the risk to have a bad seller on this web-shop. You will find a lot of products, related specially in electronics.

What kind of products are available at ?

Many categories are available on Fasttech. You will find electronic components, gadgets, batteries and of courses ecigs and vape products.

  • Android powered devices and accessories,
  • Apple devices and Accessories,
  • Audio & Video devices,
  • Car Accessories,
  • Computer & Network,
  • General Consumer Electronics,
  • E-Cigarettes, chargers, atomizers, pouches, e-Liquids, and other accessories,
  • Electronic Components.

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Fasttech in English and in US Dollars

The main thing if you are American or English, the website is fully in English language. All products are In Ud dollars. If you are not living in USA, it’s possible to have a price in Euro, CAD, GBP, JPY, AUD.

The best reasons to choose Fasttech for your ecig products

I’ll try to give you the main reasons to choose Fasttech to shop your vape products.

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The inexpensive prices at

Unlike other Chinese websites, Fasttech explains how it can offer the best prices around the world. Fasttech works directly with Chinese producers and with the competition between suppliers, it offers us the best prices.

Product warranty at Fasttech

FastTech offers us an interesting guarantee on the items you could buy on their website. The product warranty is 6 months counted from the date of shipment.

They exchange all damaged (DOA : dead on arrivals) items and they  reimburse return shipping charges. You may return undamaged items to Fasttech postmarked within 45 calendar days of delivery.

  • Within 3 months (90 days) from shipment : Upon returning, defective items are replaced and shipped back to customers for free.
  • Within 6 months from shipment : Upon returning, defective items are replaced and shipped back to customers for free. Return shipping reimbursement is unavailable.
  • Afterwards : You may still send defective items back to FastTech passes those items back to their manufactures and helps coordinating the repair.
Customers Review products available at Fastech ecig

fasttech reviewWhen we wish to shop a product, it’s possible to see all reviews made by customers. It’s a very  interesting thing if you want to buy some clones for example. Is it a clone 1:1 or not ?

Customers can give 3 marks : Overall, Quality et Value.  They give too the pros and the cons.

Fasttech Deals & Promotions

Fasttech regularly offers some very good deals and promotions. Some clearance sales are available every day. The category price drops give you all prices decreased recently.

Payment & Free worldwide shipping at

All orders ships free via Airmail to anywhere in the world. You can pay your order by Paypal, credit card, bitcoin …

5 reasons to finally shop at Fasttech

The 5 main reasons to make an order at are :

  • Free worldwide shipping,
  • Best low prices from China,
  • 40 days money back guarantee on every products,
  • 180 days repair guarantee,
  • Customer support.

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I am an enthusiast vaper since 2011. Every day, I try to find the best vape deals around the world. With free shipping of course !