Hugo vapor 80 watt TC box mod

hugo vapor 80w

Hugo vapor box mod is a reliable mod with prolonging battery power. If you are searching for something new and stylish for you vaping demands, the Hugo Vapor 80 Watt Box Mod is certainly a good choice for you. It is a new vaping mod, produced by Hugo Vapor for all the legal age vaping lovers. It is a feature-rich mod, designed to provide the best support for vaping.

Why do you must choose a Boxer 80W ?

Hugo Vapor is a renowned brand that has produced some of the best mods for vaping lovers. The Hugo Vapor 80W box mod has something special for all the vaping lovers. The manufacturer has produced this mod for the people, who want to enjoy the real taste of e-juice and who want a battery that can last for the whole day. This mod offers you with 80W triple Mode-VT-Ni battery and also with an OLED screen on which you can check important controls of the mod. This mod can easily house two 18650 high drain rechargeable batteries.

As we all know, the vaping lovers expect different flavors through a vaping mod. The temperature control feature of this mod allows you to control the temperature to taste different flavors, while vaping. Hugo Vapor has also produced the Boxer TC160. It offers 160W power to improve your vaping experience. Of course, it will offer a better experience than the Boxer 80W, but the Boxer 80W is a perfect mod for the beginners. Both Boxer 160W and 80W are ideal mods for vaping and both are affordable mods for the beginners. The Boxer160W comes with a warranty card and some other additional features that suit to its cost.


Hugo vapor Boxer 80w TC box mod

hugo vapor boxer 80wThe boxer 80w mod is the most sophisticated still powerful mod modeled by Hugo vapor to date. The hugo vapor boxer 80w has a 1 to 80 watts output range coupled with a comprehensive temperature control function. The boxer 80w tc can also handle atomizers of 0.06 ohm in Temp control  mode and 0.06 ohm in standard mode.

Housing a dual 18650 battery, once your cell is charged you’ll be good to vape throughout the day and perhaps even the next day. It features an original chassis and feel.

Perfect for a pocket or purse and specifically engineered for all the newest temp control coils and sub ohm tanks. I suggest you get your hands on one of these incredibly strong devices as soon as possible.

Hugo vapor boxer 80w Specs :

  • Price : $36.63,
  • Output wattage : 1 – 80 watt,
  • Output voltage : 1 – 8.4 volt,
  • Temperature control : 300 – 600°F,
  • Atomizer Ohm capability : 0.06 – 3 Ohm,
  • Battery : 2 x 18650,
  • Dimensions : 3.5 x 9 x 4 cm,
  • Weight : 205 grams.

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Should you buy a hugo vapor boxer 80w ?

Equipped with an impressive OLED screen and capable of providing vapor for a whole day continuously, Boxer80W mod is certainly perfect for all the vaping lovers across the world. This mod has several novel features that you can find in other mods that cost only $36.00. Get this stylish mod to soothe your vaping demands.

Hugo vapor 80w temperature control box mod

This vaping mod is equipped with 2 18650 rechargeable batteries. In addition, this mod offers you with variable temperature control. The temperature control feature plays a vital role in altering the flavors of the e-juice. You can keep the temperature high or low and vape continuously to enjoy the best flavors of your favorite e-juices. The Hugo vapor box mod is certainly a reliable vape mod for long-lasting vaping requirements and that’s why users are investing in it.

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