Ijoy RDTA box 200w starter kit – $41.99

While selecting a vaping device, quality is something that needs to be paid attention to. Failure to do so can place your health in jeopardy. Various options are available when it is advanced devices that we talk about. One among these is the Ijoy 200w RDTA box mod device. This device has quite a bit to offer. The Ijoy RDTA box 200w TC starter kit is sold at Efun.top for only $41.99 plus shipping.

Ijoy 200 watt temperature control all in one kit

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Ijoy rdta box 200w starter kit - $41.99

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A plethora of appealing features forms a part of the Ijoy box mod that makes it an option worth considering. With the Ijoy RDTA box 200w starter kit, you get a built-in juice tank which has ample capacity. The juice tank is provided with a 12.8ml capacity so that you do not run out quickly. The first striking thing about this Ijoy RDTA box mod is the design that it is provided with. The device is constructed using high-quality stainless steel and is available in teal color. The design enables it to stand out. You can be confident that this device will not hamper your style and will, instead, enhance it.

Ijoy rdta box review

This Ijoy RDTA box kit is provided with the feature of IMC interchangeable building deck. Hence, it offers quite a bit of versatility. You get the opportunity to choose from as many as ten decks, so you can opt for something that suits your taste. It is provided with a 15mm-wide filling hole which makes it convenient to use.

The LED light is also an interesting feature that the device is provided with. It is also equipped with a 0.96-inch OLED screen, which provides crucial information regarding the functionality of the device. You can acquire information regarding the wattage, voltage, and battery life of the device via the screen. It also offers variable wattage between 5W and 200W. Therefore, the device can be used by beginners as well as advanced users with ease. Since it is highly durable, you will not have to worry about it incurring damage anytime soon. It also features variable output voltage between 1V and 8V. The resistance range of the device is from 0.05 to 3 ohms. It is powered by dual 18650 batteries and has a long battery life. You can use the device all day long with a lot of ease.

These days, people prefer to use devices that are provided with the feature of temperature control. This is because the feature makes vaping safer and more convenient. The Ijoy RDTA box 200w TC does not let you down in this regard. You can use it at all times with ease without having to worry about your safety. It also has an upgradeable firmware. All in all, this is the kind of device that makes vaping feasible for you.

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Ijoy RDTA box video review

Ijoy RDTA box Specs & Features

  • Built in stainless steel,
  • Connexion thread : 510,
  • Output wattage : 5 – 200 watt,
  • Output voltage : 1 – 8 volt,
  • E-juice capacity : 12.8ml,
  • Temperature control : 200 – 600°F,
  • Atomizer Ohm capability in VW mode : 0.05 – 3 Ohm,
  • Atomizer Ohm capability in TC mode : 0.05 – 1 Ohm,
  • Type of wires : Kanthal, Ni200, Titanium, Stainless steel
  • Battery : 2 x 18650,
  • Dimensions : 2.8 x 13.5 x 5.5 cm,
  • Weight : 248 grams.

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