Pioneer4you Ipv d2 75 watt TC box mod – $24.99

The Ipv d2 by Pioneer4you brings a new highlight to the mod game with this temperature control box mod. With 75w of power, this 75w box mod seems a good option for the vapers on the go. The Pioneer4you Ipv d2 75w TC is one of the smallest 75 watt 18650 powered devices on the market today. This 75 watt box mod features an unregulated design with a minimum resistance of 0.05 ohm which authorizes you to take full advantage of its raw power. This Pioneer4you Ipvd2 helps to satisfy all your wish for temp control, strong power and well-designed.

If you are seeking a modern 75w box mod that is powerful and cheap, this is right up your alley. Don’t miss the chance to add this Ipv d2 75  watt box mod to your collection. The last Pioneer4you is now available on sale at Efuntop for as low as $24.99 plus shipping.

Pioneer4you 75 watt temperature control box mod

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Pioneer4you Ipv D2 75w TC box mod - $24.99

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Pioneer4you Ipv D2 75w TC box mod - $29.75

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Pioneer4you Ipv D2 75w TC box mod - $33.91

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Made by Pioneer4you, the Ipv d2 box mod is a 75w box mod. With this 75 watt box mod, you can switch between wattage mode and temperature mode. The Ipv d2 mod utilizes a Yihi SX130H processor, houses 1 x 18650 battery cell.

Pioneer4you Ipv d2 Review

You can adjust your wattage range from 7 to 75w. The Ipv d2 75w mod by Pioneer4you can work with coil as low as 0.2 Ω and as high as 0.3 ohms in basic variable wattage mode.

Temperature is ajustable from 200 to 580°F in temp control mode on this APV. The mod and its chip can work with resistances as low as 0.05 ohms and as high as 0.3Ω. The main charactistic is the Joule mode with this advanced box mod. You can adjust the joule power mode and the temp control in degrees.

With its single 18650 battery, this Ipv d2 75w TC must be an important opponent to the Snow wolf mini 75w. The IPVd2 also comes with a cable for ease of charging, and can be charged while in use.

This 75w box mod also incorporates a spring-loaded 510 connection to help ensure compatibility with all atomizers. The display seems to be great and honestly overflowing with related infos that lets you see all about your settings.

The pioneer4you box mod has an aluminium body making it lightweight yet solid. If you want a compact box mod with temperature control the Super mini box Ipv d2 75w would be a nice choice. The device is available in black or silver color.

Pioneer4you Ipv d2  video Review

Pioneer4you Ipv d2 Specs & features

  • Built in aluminium alloy,
  • Connexion thread : 510,
  • Output wattage : 7 – 75 watt,
  • Output voltage : 1 – 8 volt,
  • Output Joule : 10 – 50 Joule,
  • Temperature control : 200 – 580°F,
  • Atomizer Ohm capability in VW mode : 0.2 – 3 Ohm,
  • Atomizer Ohm capability in TC mode : 0.05– 0.3 Ohm,
  • Type of wires : Kanthal, Ni200, Ti,
  • Battery : 1 x 18650,
  • Dimensions : 2.3 x 7.8 x 4.0 cm,
  • Weight : 180 grams.

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