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Vaping has attained quite a bit of popularity. Many people now have the belief that if they have to get rid of the habit of smoking, vaping will provide them with the required assistance. When you are about to begin vaping, the device that you select is of utmost importance. You need to ensure that it is one that you will be able to handle. Opting for the high power ones might prove to be overkill. The Kangside 25w is the one that you might find to be the perfect option as it is safe and easy to handle. There are plenty of options about, one of which is the Kangside mini 25w. It’s the second kangside 25w in this category.

Kangside 25w box mod with 1600mah built-in battery

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Kangside mini 25w mod - $21.03

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Kangside mini 25w review

Manufactured from aluminum, the Kangside 25w is one of those devices that you can be certain will give you no reason to complain. The device offers you the feature of variable voltage, which can be adjusted from 2V to 8.5V. Similarly, variable wattage is also a feature of the Kangside KSD mini 25w.  The screen would let you know crucial information such as the output wattage, battery level, output voltage and resistance.

You will find that the device is rather easy to handle. Being compact in design, it ensures that portability is something it offers. You can also carry it around with you with ease. You will have to quickly press the fire button around 5 times to turn the device off or on. With receding 510 threading connection and side mounted firing button, the device aims to provide you with as much feasibility as possible. The rechargeable battery has a long life and using it throughout the day will not be difficult. However, the battery is fixed. If you want a replaceable, check the Ksd vamo box 25w.

It is one of those devices that ensure that you are impressed right from the moment you set your eyes on them. With a sleek and compact design, this device provides a comfortable grip and easy handling. The smooth operation is another bonus that it has to offer. If you are just a beginner, this device would prove to be the right choice to get used to vaping. You can be certain that quality is maintained to the highest standards in the manufacturing of this device. It is a device that will not let you down in any regard. It is highly durable and thus will last for a long time.

This 25w box mod is available in several colours. You can choose black, blue, red or silver ksd mini 25w.

Kangside mini 25w video review

Kangside mini 25w Specs & Features

  • Built in aluminium alloy,
  • Connexion thread : 510,
  • Output wattage : 7 – 25 watt,
  • Output voltage : 2 – 8.5 volt,
  • Atomizer Ohm capability in VW mode : 0.2 – 2 Ohm,
  • Type of wires : Kanthal,
  • Battery : 1600mah,
  • Dimensions : 2.2 x 5.95 x 4.0 cm,
  • Weight : 87 grams.

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