Vaping with a box mod with a power over 100w

plus 100 watt box mod

The arrival of the IPV4 Pioneer4you marked a turning point . It also paved the way for regulated box mod . It is true that the electronics box to provide a higher power remained fairly confidential.

With time and our subtanks , we see that 2 18650 batteries are far from being a luxury. Although the amperage of the latter plays a vital role . Get 2 batteries  can enjoy a beautiful autonomy. I can vaping 2 days with one of its models. What going on weekend without worrying about out of gas !

The best +100w regulated box mod for sale

We can say that this guide is not very useful and I admit it. It allows to best categorize what takes place on the market of vape . I give you here is what you can obviously go on the category you want !


133 watt box mod

Having a power of 133 watts may sound a bit odd. Not that much actually , since this is a limitation of 200 Evolv DNA . Hicgar was the first to unsheathe offering a 133 watt box mod with 2 18650 batteries.

Normally, this chipset works with Lipo type batteries. Or with at least 3 batteries 18650 to give of his best . This power should be interesting if you want a DNA200 with 2 removable 18650 batteries.


165 watt box mod

Some powers appear and we really wonder why such choices are achieved by the manufacturers. This is the case of 165 watt box mod currently represented by Pioneer4you IPV3 Li . Brought up to date, this new IPV3 develops 165 watts. But the upgrade is already available. You will have a power of 200 watts with this regulated box .


170 watt box mod

Few 170 watt box mod are now available on the market . But there are some nonetheless. It mainly include the SMY170 Simeiyue model that has temperature control .

This box has a look all its own . Clearly his wide OLED display does its style and charm. This is also one of Simeiyue ‘s trademark in recent months.

100 watt box mod

This category tends to popularize since 2015. One of the flagship models of the category is the IPV4 Pioneer4you. Others 100 watt box mods now appear. Eleaf starts to offer this type of box with his new istick 100w.
If you are looking for a huge autonomy with dual 18650 batteries, it is for me the best compromise.

150 watt box mod

With 2 or 3 batteries, some manufacturers create 150 watt box mod. The most common is certainly the Sigelei. You ‘re not afraid to carry as much power and would primarily tranquility ? We certainly direct you to this typology of mods.

160 watt box mod

Although we still can do better in terms of power, wattage tends to popularize. The flagship model is for me the Smok X Cube II with its 2 batteries 18650. This is a real technological gem for a 160 watt box mod. If you want to see the different box that category. Feel free to take a look at this article.

Temperature control box mod

A lot of devices in this category are temperature control box mod. I made special vaping guide for theses box mods. The mass market is around 40w, maybe you can choose other mods with tc features.

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