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regulated box mod for sale

It has become rather common to make use of vaping for getting rid of the habit of smoking. A lot of people are now aware of the feasibility that they can attain if they revert to vaping. The fact that it does not place your health in jeopardy is another advantage that tempts people. When we talk about vaping, the first question to ask is which device you should make use of. Would you be comfortable with an electrical device or a mechanical one? Most beginners tend to opt for the box mods is that are mechanical devices as they find the option to be more convenient.

The question that might arise in the mind of a beginner is what exactly does a box mod refer to. The box mod is usually a regulated device that makes use of one of two Li-ion batteries and a chip to regulate the voltage. There are different options available in the market depending on their voltage and power. As little as 15 watt to as much as 150 watt device options are available in the market. People tend to be on the lookout for regulated box mod for sale so that they would not have to put a strain on their budget.

While there is no denying that getting your hands on a custom regulated box mod for sale seems like a rather enticing deal, there is something that you need to think about. You will first have to decide the type of box mod you want to use. There are options such as beginner box mod and an advanced one. Needless to say, while you are starting out, it is a better option to opt for the beginner kit as it will give you an opportunity to get used to it. As you grow accustomed to it, you can move towards the more advanced option.

Best cheapest electronic vape box mods

If you want a box mod with an electronic component, a bit of research would have to be done. There are different options that you will find. However, there is one thing that you will have to ensure. You need to make it certain that you do not end up compromising quality to get the device at a low price. This will not work in your favor. Ensure that you get the device that maintains quality to the highest standards.


Beginner box mod vape

For me a beginner box mod vape  has a maximum wattage of 50w. I think it’s enough for a vape beginner. A lot of regulated devices are now marketed. The choice is very amazing and a lot of box mods are available. It’s difficult to say what is the best model. I invite you to look at my different vape buying guides.

If you like the temperature control box mods, some devices purpose this feature. It’s a pleasure to vapie with this king of mods. In fact, there is no dry-hit. When your coils is burning, the temperature control regulates your setup. A very good characteristic for exigent vapors.


Advanced box mods

Maybe, you are not a newbie in the vape world. You are looking for a more powerful box mod with single or dual 18650 batteries ? The advanced box mods are made for you. These devices have a output range power from 55 to 100 watts. Some advanced mods adopt the temperature control function.

The best advanced box mods are between 75 & 80 watt for me. You will have the choice between the IPVD2 or the new DNA 75 mod box.

If you are an advanced vapers, check the different power available in the market today.


+100 watt box mod

I don’t know if you vape with more than 100w of power. I think this type of box mods are reserved to advanced vapers. If you have a rebuilding dripping atomizer, you can check my buying guide about the +100 watt box mod. You will find the best sellers such the 200 watt box mod or the 150w box mods.

Many devices are now produced and you will find the best over 100w box mod.


+200 watt box mod

I decided to create a dedicated vape guide for these +200 watt box mods. Now we find a large selection of this kind of devices. All manufactures of the vaping industry has now their own over 200w box mods.

A new level of evolution is made by these vape mods that 200 watts and over. In this vaping guide, you will find only the regulated box mods. I made an other guide for voltage variable mods.

If you want to vape with these APV, you mus purchase very goof batteries. It’s important for your safety. The maximum output range is now around 300w. The Spartans by Vapmod and the Koopor Primus have this feature.


Temperature control box mod

A new feature appeared in 2015. The temperature control box mod is now the rule with the regulated box mods. A lot of devices are now marketed with this operating mode. I think the better temp control box mods utilize a Yihi chipset or the Evolv DNA. But, others good tc box mods exist. If you want to buy one of them, you can read my dedicated vape buying guide.

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