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The demands for attractive mods are increasing day by day. Now the users want more attractive designs in the mod along with some cutting-edge features to enjoying vaping. Those, who think like mod has nothing to do with vaping, they certainly don’t vape quite often. The regular users know that the mod must be slipping-proof and capable of housing all sizes tanks. The Sigelei T150 Silicon Sleeve offers all of those impressive features that you demand for better vaping experience. Yes, you can take it in the Vapefest and show people the new design of your new mod.

Get High-Quality Silicon Sleeves to Protect your Sigelei T150 Mod

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Sigelei T150 silicone case - $2.95

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The Sigelei T150 is a touch screen mod. It is very popular among the users because it is temperature controlled and its functions are navigated through the touch screen display. It comprises 18650 battery that offers enough power supply to produce and inhale the vapor for a long time. Hence, it is an attractive mod and people want to keep it as it is, a Sigelei T150 silicon case would be necessary for it. This case will protect this impressive mod from all sorts’ outer damages. In other words, you can use the mod roughly and there will be no chance of damage because its silicon case will protect this mod all the time.

Use the silicon case to keep your Sigelei T150 safe

The Sigelei T150 Skin protects the Sigelei T150 against all sorts’ exterior damages. People buy expensive cases and covers for their smartphones. As these devices are essential for the users, similarly the vaping mods are also precious. Now high-quality covers can be available for the mods that will keep your mod new and impressive for a long time. The Sigelei T150 Silicon Sleeve is the best to protect Sigelei T150. It can be available in various colors. You can choose your favorite color for the mod case and order it online now.

Sigelei T150 Silicone case Specs & Features

  • Built from silicone,
  • Dimensions : 2.3 x 10.5 x 5.5 cm,
  • Weight : 5g.

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