Smart 30s Athena 30w box mod – $32.33

The last release of the Smart 30 is now available for sale. This new athena device is a 30 watt box mod. The shape has evolved and it’s more ergonomic. This Smart 30s by Athena is powered by a fixed 2100mah battery. You can charge it with a micro-USB charging port. This connector is situated  below. The Athena Smart 30s features variable voltage and wattage and offers several securities. If you want a very compact device, you can order it at Fasttech for only $32.33 with free shipping.

Athena 30 watt box mod with 2100mah built-in battery

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Athena Smart 30s 30w box mod - $32.33

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Athena Smart 30s review

This Smart 30s is more sleek and ergonomic than an athena smart 30 box mod. The voltage output ranges from 1v to 8.5 volt and the wattage output ranges from 2wto 30w. This Smart 30s box mod can read atomizers as low as 0.4 Ohm. It’s a very interesting thing if you have sub ohm tanks.

This Athena Smart 30 s box mod features a lot of securities. We can cite for example :

  • 10 seconds time limit,
  • Short circuit protection,
  • Over-load protection (lower than 0.45ohm or higher than 4ohm),
  • Low power alarm (when battery power lower than 5%, the LED light flashes),
  • Low voltage protection,

More powerful than a Smart 30 II 30w, this box is sold in different colors. You can choose black, blue, gold, red, silver. At fasttech, 2 versions exist. A Smart 30s 2200mah is available too. The device has a 510 threading connection with a solid copper center pin.

Athena Smart 30s video review

Athena Smart 30s Specs & Features

  • Built in aluminium,
  • Connexion thread : 510,
  • Output wattage : 2 – 30 watt,
  • Output voltage : 1 – 8.5 volt,
  • Atomizer Ohm capability in VW mode : 0.5 – 4 Ohm,
  • Type of wires : Kanthal,
  • Battery : 2100mah,
  • Dimensions : 2.1 x 8.3 x 3.25 cm,
  • Weight : 107 grams.

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