Smoktech magneto ii mechanical mod – $13.00

Smoktech Magnetic button mod, 18350~18650 full mechanical forever mod. The main features of this mod is the magnetic push button, It is adopted the character of the magnet, like poles repel and opposite poles attract. the push button is structured with 2 magnet inside with like poles facing to each other to achieve the same effect of traditional mechanical spring gives. As time when you use ,the flexibility of the spring will decrease, but the magnetism of the magnet will not run out in normal condition. thus the life span of the Smoktech Magneto mod will be much longer than the mod with traditional mechanical spring button.

Mechanical mod 18350/18650

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Smok Magneto II Teslescoping mechanical mod - $13.00

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Smok Magento II Specs & Features

  • 510 threading connection
  • Floating 510 center pin
  • Telescopic tube
  • 3 air holes on the tube
  • Bottom magnetic firing switch
  • Reverse threaded locking ring
  • Logo engravings
  • Houses single 18350/18500/18650 battery (batteries not included)

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