Tattoo Ciggo 75w TC box mod – $29.99

In search of the new devices in a collection of legendary vaping items from one of the most popular firms, you’ll find the Ciggo Tattoo 75w TC box mod. Ciggo has once more delivered a clinic in ergonomically designed single 18650 75 watt box mod in the Tattoo mod. The Tattoo ciggo box mod is the latest 75w temp control box mod by Ciggo. Its adjustable wattage varies from 1 watt to 75w utilizing an increment of 0.1 watt, offering ease-of-use to vapers in adjusting to the ideal power. The lowest atomizer resistance is 0.05 Ohm during temp operation. The single 18650 battery in spite of its tiny size also it can handle up to 75w. Aesthetically attractive and performance competent, Ciggo Tattoo box mod is a wonderful single 18650 unit.

So you can’t go wrong grabbing one of these at such a fantastic selling price. In every way the Ciggo Tattoo 75w box mod is a truly superior unit with a wonderful form factor and one that is certainly sold at a very fair price (as little as $29.99) with out making any concessions on quality or features.

Ciggo 75 watt temperature control box mod

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Ciggo Tattoo 75w TC box mod - $29.99

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Ciggo is a brand that specializes in product design to offer users with increased vapor, endurance, safety and taste than other smoking alternatives available on the market. It offers around 75 watts of power and features numerous modes of operation such as Adjustable Wattage, Temp Control and Bypass Mode. From my opinion the tattoo 75 watt by Ciggo is really a unit that deserves to do well and I see no reason at all why it shouldn’t become as widely popular as the Hop N vape Otto. Great work Ciggo.

Packed with a Ciggo Chip set, this box mod uses an ergonomic design with an convenient user interface for users of all expertise stages.

Ciggo Tattoo Review

It’s also provided with the function of adjustable wattage, whose range lies between 1w and 75w. Fire a coil as low as 0.05 Ohm for the best direct to lung experience and vapor production now available. An available bypass mode places all available battery power (direct tension) against the resistance of your coils for an intense flavor chasing experience.

The main advantage of the TC box mod is that it can easily fine-tune the temp of the unit due to adjustable wattage and voltage. In temperature control mode, you can range from 200 to 600F and can handle resistances as little as 0.05 Ohm. You’ll also notice that the temperature control modes permit the employment of Stainless Steel and also Nickel 200 and Titanium heating materials.

It is powered by a single 18650 battery, which provides it an extended life. Batteries are loaded from the bottom and are stored behind a easy-to-open battery door that has very clear indications for positive/negative featuring gold plated connections. Other substantial features of the Ciggo 75w box mod include a micro USB port you can use for charging.

Premium quality & durable stainless steel threading with a gold plated, spring loaded connection pin, vapes flawlessly with all typical 510 tanks. Excellent built-in LCD that offers a clear and better view of the battery condition and current tension, watts, and resistance you’re using your unit on.

The Ciggo Tattoo temperature control box mod is equipped a considerable LED display that is clear. This unit is manufactured with high-quality components, so that you can be reassured that the 18650 box mod would last for a while.

It is just a sleek and stylish measured vaporizer because its sizes are 88mm  x 26.5mm x 42.8mm. It weighs only 200 grams.

Ciggo claims it is the most ergonomic esmoking unit design ever and while I wouldn’t go that far it is definitely really nice. It provides a sleek and simple body that’s extremely comfortable to hold as it fits in the hands properly.

It could possibly equip the most recent sub-ohm tanks and offer an improved esmoking experience. The onboard reverse polarity security, as used for the tattoo 75w tc by Ciggo, will protect the unit from problems in the eventuality of reverse battery installation.

A great option for flexibility, Ciggo tattoo 75w box mod is the portable advancement of one of the most beloved and iconic systems in our sector’s heritage.

Ciggo Tattoo video review

Ciggo Tattoo Specs & features

  • Built in aluminium,
  • Connexion thread : 510,
  • Output wattage : 1 – 75 watt,
  • Output voltage : -,
  • Temperature control : 200 – 600° F,
  • Atomizer Ohm capability in VW mode : 0.05 – 9.9 Ohm,
  • Atomizer Ohm capability in TC mode : 0.05 – 9.9 Ohm,
  • Type of wires : Kanthal, Ni200, Titanium, Stainless steel,
  • Battery : 1 x 18650,
  • Dimensions : 2.65 x 8.8 x 4.28 cm,
  • Weight : 200 grams.

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