Different Types of Atomizers for vape

atomizer vape

The atomizer is very important component of your electronic cigarette. There are various kind of atomizers today. If you want vaping cheap, follow my buying guide. In my vape deals, i make a daily huge selection. But it’s possible to have different type of atomizers or clearomizers.

Whether you are pro or against clones, you will find your happiness on VapoFolies.net. It is also necessary to know what type of atomizers acquire !

What is an atomizer vape ?

An atomizer is primarily a tank. You will stock in your e-juice. You’ve got too the coil heads. It’s a very important part. It heats the e-liquid and give you the taste of your juice.

Whether beginner or expert, you’ve realized that you need a good atomizer. Just to get the taste which stupidly everything to impress your friends by making a huge fog.

I made various purchases of more developed guide. Meanwhile, here are the different forms of electronic cigarette tanks available in the market.

We-ve got now different types of atomizers. Which one do you choose ?


The RTA is a rebuildable tank atomizer. you can rebuild your own coil with those atomizers. You save a lot of money if you use it. Depending the producer, the tank has more or less capacity. A good average is around 3ml for a standard use. The best is for me the Taifun GT.


The RDA is a rebuildable dripping atomizer. it’s called to dripper. With this one, you don’t have tank. You put your e-liquid on your cotton and you vape. It’s a very good atomizer if you want test juice.

Clearomizer tank system

This type of atomizer has a juice tank. You’ve got the choice between plastic or glass tank. Some models can contain up to 5ml. Come see what some will say. The clearomizer is provided with a wick made of silica or cotton. Be placed at the top or bottom. The difference is important. You can have cold or hot vape if you want. This model is the most popular on the earth.
A new generation of clearomizer is now available. It’s the sub-ohm tank.
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