List of the best cheapest sub ohm clearomizers

sub ohm tank
This is a new mode that earns us. The race to the lowest resistance is raging in the world of cheap clearomizer. This typology is able to withstand very low coils. Still it is necessary that the material used to build this type of atomizers is good.

The idea of sub ohm tank is very strong heat resistance quickly. The result is often that more steam is released by the user. Each manufacturer has its own version today, still have to know what you want. It is clear that this kind of atomizer produce more fog . By cons, and this is where the bottom lies, flavor is not always at the rendez vous.

Selection of the best atomizers dedicated to sub ohm

If there was only one to remember, it would be for me the Subtank. This atomizer has a double benefit. A big vapor production but smoke flagrances correct restitution of eliquids.


Sense Sub ohm Tank

The brand sells various subtanks. The Sense sub ohm tank come in several versions. The best known is certainly the Herakles. In recent weeks, we have seen happen Cyclone. It is a cloud monster according to its features.

  1. Sense Herakles sub ohm tank,
  2. Herakles Hydra tank,
  3. Sense Cyclone tank.
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