Best vape starter kits for 2015 – Which one do you choose ?

e-cigarette starter kit 2015

Ready to get started with e-cigarettes ? Want to upgrade your electronic cigarette to something better ? You’ll  make a very good choice with our deals. Find vape cheap starter kits on

If you are new vapor, it’svery interesting to buy an e-cigarette starter kit. They are often composed of a battery and an atomizer. With liquid, you are ready to vape. As a former novice , I went through this stage. In 2011, the kits were less advanced. I bought a kit consisting of a battery Ego and a Stardust clearomizer .

Today the choice is much more interesting. And when I compare rates, they are not more expensive.

Unfortunately, we see that many manufacturers now release their new products in this form. This increases sales but also their turnover . I try to combine the best deals on

Top cheapest electronic cigarettes starter kits

To try to help you, I make a huge selection of the cheapest vaping starter kits.

This is my ranking of the best vaping starter kits for 2015 :


Joyetech Evic VT Full Kit

joyetech evic vt kitIf you want an amazing vape starter kit, choose the Joyetech Evic VT Full Kit. This is certainly the most advanced kit. It consists of Evic VT Joyetech box mod. You can use up to 60 watts with temperature control function. Its look is radically different from what is done in the market.

With new atomizer Joyetech, you can fully enjoy all its features. It accepts wires in kanthal or ni200 and titanium.
To start the electronic cigarette, you do not get any better right now. It has the great advantage of having a buy 5000mAh battery. You do not have to buy a charger.

Highlights : 

  • Price : $61 – $75,
  • Authentic product Joyetech,
  • Joyetech Evic VT 60w TC,
  • Ego one Mega VT.

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Joyetech Evic VT Kit - $61.00

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Subox mini starter Kit Kangertech

subox mini vapofoliesThe new subox mini starter kit Kangertech is a top quality vaping starter kit. This starter kit is interesting if you are a beginner. Unfortunely, you don’t have the temp control functions . With a subtank mini, the 50 watt box mod is enough. You can produce a lot of vapor. But also have excellent taste of your juices.

The downside is that you will order 18650 battery. This subox mini is sold without this important element. If you forget these, you can not immediately use the product. Thinking about it !

Highlights : 

  • Price : $52 – $57.55,
  • Authentic product Kangertech,
  • Kbox mini 50w,
  • Subtank Mini v2.

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Subox mini Starter Kit - $52.00

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Eleaf Ijust 2 Starter Kit

eleaf ijust 2 kitAfter the mad rush to the box mods, you can order the Eleaf Ijust 2 starter kit. It’s a sub-ohm kit for begginers with a 2600mAh built-in battery. Joyetech was the first with his Ego One, there has now Ijust 2.

It looks like an high end setup. But this Ijust 2 Kit offers a lightweight battery with great autonomy (2600mAh).
One might think a complete high-end setup . But this kit offers a lightweight battery with great autonomy . If you do not like the box mods , this kit eleaf should please you .

Highlights : 

  • Price : $27.50 – $28.25,
  • Authentic product Eleaf Ismoka,
  • Ijust 2 battery,
  • Ijust 2 tank.

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Eleaf Ijust 2 Kit - $27.50

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Joyetech Ego One Mega

joyetech ego one megaThis vaping kit is the main competitor of Eleaf Ijust 2. The Joyetech Ego One Mega kit comes with a 2600mAh battery. The atomizer is different. It has only 4ml capacity. The difference is big when you use it in sub-ohm. It’s almost the subtank mini capacity !

You must make a choose between these 2 products. I prefer the Eleaf kit. But this starter kit is good too.

Highlights : 

  • Price : $37.96 – $70.41,
  • Authentic product Joyetech,
  • Ego one mega 2600mAh battery,
  • Ego one mega atomizer.

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Joyetech Ego one Mega Kit - $37.96

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Joyetech Ego One Mini

joyetech ego one miniThis vaping kit looks like the Ego One Mega. In fact, the Joyetech Ego One Mini kit is smaller. It comes with a 850mAh battery and the ego one mini atomizer. With this one, you have only a 1.8ml capacity. It’s not enough for a big vapor like me.

It’s a vape starter kit for beginner only. I prefer the bigger but you know now it exists a compact kit from Joyetech. It’s a top quality product. Better than an Ego Battery for example.

Highlights : 

  • Price : $29.32 – $42.53,
  • Authentic product Joyetech,
  • Ego one mini 850mAh battery,
  • Ego one mini atomizer.

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Joyetech Ego one Mini Kit - $29.32

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