Velocity rda clone by Tobeco Review

The demands for high-quality clones are increasing quite rapidly in the market. The buyers are trying several new products introduced by the e-cigarette manufacturing firms. Some users are getting satisfied with the features offered by the chosen clones and some are looking for more innovative options. We have reviewed several clones and mods, but the Velocity RDA Clone by Tobeco has appeared as one of the most innovative clones. It is innovative, impressive and quite feature-rich. So, let’s explore some more details regarding the Velocity RDA Tobeco clone to know its pros and cons before you buy it.

The Velocity dripper clone : the 22mm rebuildable dripping atomizer

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The Velocity RDA Clone by Tobeco seems like a real giant vaping clone for the experts. Many vaping lovers are now trying the RDA clones. The Tobeco has introduced the Velocity RDA to provide the users with a clone that is exact according to their demands. It offers a threaded AFC system along with versatile airflow settings. You can add some unique flavors and then vape like you have never done before. Many experts call it a Cloudchasing monster because of its looks. This clone is tall and it provides the user with better airflow. Tobeco has always introduced innovative products in the market. You must take a look at the design of the product to reveal more regarding its features.

Design ot the Velocity dripper clone

The Velocity RDA by Cisco and Dino Rerrari owns a unique design. This clone meets special vaping requirements of the users by providing two posts, which are situated above a large tank. The coil building and dripping becomes quite easier due to those two posts. There are 2 holes per post and that’s how it becomes one of the simplest decks to form. The manufacturer has situated two screws on the sides of both posts, which are used for tightening the coils. The screws never clip with your wire and that’s what turns this clone design into a unique design.

We have just mentioned a few important elements of the clone. The whole design and all the components of this clone are situated to improve the quality of this clone. Of course, these are Cisco and Dino, who have come with this unique design of the authentic version. You can soon get some more atomizers and other vaping products designed by these guys. We are sure that Cisco and Dino will give you something more effective and special for your vaping requirements.

Pros and Cons about the Velocity clone

  • This clone has a unique design and it looks stylish.
  • It is useful for producing denser vapor.
  • It’s an easy to build and super clean clone.
  • This clone stays cool and offers enjoyable vaping.

  • The O-Rings situated at the bottom of the clone are quite loose.
  • This clone may suffer with spit back.
  • It has lower resistance.
  • The screws of the clone may strip easily.

Conclusion and final verdict : Velocity rda clone ivogo or Tobeco ?

The Velocity RDA Ivogo is a unique clone along with several impressive features. Of course, all the users do not like it, but most of them are using it on a daily basis. It costs a reasonable price and that’s why you would like to buy it.

Velocity rda clone video review

Velocity rda clone Specs & features

  • Made from stainless steel,
  • Connexion thread : 510,
  • Adjustable airflow control,
  • Posts type : 2 posts with velocity deck,
  • Dimensions : 22 x 46.5 x 22mm,
  • Diameter : 22mm,
  • Weight : 40g.

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